Last year in the English Premier League was a difficult and frustrating one for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal as they have come under constant scrutiny for not being able to win a trophy. This year they will be trying to turn the tides but will face even more pressure thanks to major improvements that have been made by other teams around them, such as Manchester City. A top 4 finish may be out of the cards for Arsenal unless everything goes right this year. Tune in and watch Arsenal live during the English Premier League 2009-10 season right here on OleOleFootball.

Arsenal and their manager sat tight this off season and did not give into the pressure to throw loads of money around. They are banking on the return of players such as Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo from injury and Wenger has also put a lot of faith into young studs such as Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey and Abou Diaby. However, this faith has not carried over to the fans as most Arsenal followers feel the team is not good enough right now without any more additions.

Hopes for this season of live Arsenal football will rest on a passing style game that compares to the one Barcelona uses, and should work will thanks to Nicklas Bendtner, Van Persie, Andrey Arshavin and of course Eduardo, if he returns to top form. The downside is that the two major players the team lost could have made this transition to a 4-5-1 formation much easier. Without Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor, Arsenal will be fighting an uphill battle.

While Arsenal fans are still excited for live English Premier League football, there is a lot of hope that Wenger will find a way to use the transfer money received from Manchester City to bolster the lineup, and soon. Will they make a move right as the transfer window closes? Or does Arsenal have enough to compete as it is? Find out the answer to these questions and more by signing up for live streaming football on OleOleFootball.

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