Champions League

Call it whatever you like; Champions League, UEFA Champions League or simply European Cup, this has got to be one of the biggest annual events for any football fan. In short the UEFA organizes this football championship between the highest ranking football clubs in Europe; and this has been a long standing tradition since 1955 (almost as long as the trip from Manila to Baguio!). Whether you are a Barcelona fanatic (the current champions of the series) or an ardent Real Madrid supporter (Club with the highest number of wins – nine) or any other European football club you may be supporting, you cannot deny that Live Football can never be this great!

This season 2009-2010 will be the fifty fifth series of the championship ever since its establishment in 1955. Barcelona is the defending champions and who defends their mettle or rises from the ashes of last season’s defeat will have to be waited out and watched. The Final Match for this season will be played at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain on the appointed date of 22 May 2010. The Format this year will remain the same as every year.

A total of thirty two teams will be taking part in the Group Stage and seventy six in the qualifying stage and every team has its particular fan following around the world; but among some of the favorites of the world which will be participating in one of the most popular annual sporting events in the world include – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Lyon and more and more.

International Friendly Matches Live:

MLS All Stars v Manchester United, MTK Budapest v Al-Ahli, Galatasaray v Liverpool, Deportivo Xerez v Sevilla

Friday 29th July 2011
International Friendly Matches Live: Juventus v Chivas Guadalajara, Roda v Malaga.
CONCACAF Champions League Live: Alianza v Dallas

However there are a series of changes that the championship as a whole will be facing from this year. The main format of the main competition is to remain the same with no changes in the rules of thirty two teams splitting into groups for the group stage followed by the knock outs. But from this season, the system of involving four qualifying rounds is going to be started. This will be played in the home and away system to complete matches for all the teams of the group stage. Read more at HowDoIGo.

According to sports critics, these are the football top players to watch out for this season – Yoann Gourcuff; from the French Bordeaux team club. His performance in the French Cup final is supposed to trigger off the critics who are claiming his stardom. Diego Milito; from the Argentinean Inter Milan Club. He has proved himself over three seasons and might just make the biggest splash in this one. Yuri Zhirkov; he is a Russian belonging to the Chelsea club. His brilliant performance last season is expected to be …

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How to Turn Your Free Sports Bet Into Cash

Usually you are required to place a bet before you are given a free bet. A typical scenario is that you must bet £25 (at stated minimum odds) before your free bet of £25 is activated. The key to this system is to access that free bet without risking £25 in the first place.

How do you bet but not lose? Simple – you use a betting exchange website to cover all eventualities. For example, let’s say you bet on Liverpool to win a match against Arsenal. Now you can go to your betting exchange site and ‘lay’ that bet. This means you are betting on any other outcome – in other words, you have placed a single bet that covers Arsenal winning or the match ending in a draw. The important thing is to find a match (and this can be in any sport) where the ‘back’ odds are almost exactly the same as the ‘lay’ odds.

You will need to work in decimal odds rather than fractional ones for accuracy, but let’s imagine that the odds for Liverpool to beat Arsenal are 2.0 (which means evens or 1/1) while a betting exchange offers lay odds of, say, 2.1. If you bet on both you will definitely lose one bet but definitely win the other. In the majority of cases for these kinds of bets, you will suffer a small net loss, probably of about £2, depending on the difference in the odds in the game you bet on. But now you have access to the sport free bet which will in turn allow you to make real cash.

Simply repeat the process on a new sporting event with your free bet. Again, you will lose one bet and win the other, but because this time one of the bets is with free money, you will make a profit.
With a £25 free bet you should make around £20. This is totally free money.…

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Premiership Betting

The Premiership season promises to be as intriguing as ever. The established favourites in the title race, Chelsea and Manchester United, will be casting a nervous eye over their shoulders at the potential impact of Manchester City. Previous challengers Liverpool will want to progress under a new manager and Arsenal will try and ensure their own title bid can last the distance this season. Outsiders Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Everton could also play a part.

The Favourites – Chelsea and Manchester United

Champions Chelsea, and Runners up, Manchester United, start as favourites for the Premier League Title. Chelsea are available a shade over 6/4, and the Red Devils are widely on offer at 5/2. With transfer activity having been fairly low key for both, the playing squads remain largely unchanged.

At Chelsea, Joe Cole and Michael Ballack have left, but Yossi Benayoun has arrived. That continuity may provide the Blues with a strong, settled start to the season. Other clubs desperate to improve their playing squads may well take some weeks to find their best form. Chelsea will rightly start this season as favourites, but 6/4 looks tight in what will be a hugely competitive season.

Manchester United have been extremely quiet in terms of transfers and seem content to stick with the squad as it is. Sir Alex Ferguson will hope the younger members of the squad such as Nani and Darren Fletcher can continue to progress, while the more experienced players like Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs can maintain their standards for another 12 months. 5/2 Seems a fair price – Without new signings there is a chance United could be overtaken, but it is still a very brave punter who backs against the Red Devils.

Manchester City

The team that provide the real ‘unknown quantity’ in the coming title race are Manchester City. Having spent vast sums over the last 18 months, the expectation for a return on that investment, as well as betsson bonus, if ever you go that path will be immense. From the outside, it still appears that signings are being made with no real thought to squad balance or a particular formation or playing style. Yaya Toure joins a growing list of defensive midfielders and they will not all get a starting berth.

Despite those reservations, City are putting together a squad of impressive talent. Should Roberto Mancini find a way of getting his side to play to it’s full potential then a shot at the title is a real possibility. Even those players not starting games will remain happy while the team is winning. The general 5/1 available on City illustrates the view that they are not seen as the finished article just yet.

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The Olympics

The Olympics, national sporting success and the thrill of live competition has brought many new faces to sporting arenas across the country. From athletics to football, racket games to horse riding, triathlons to hockeyway, there is a sport to suit anyone and everyone and with more opportunities than ever to participate now is the time to have a go.

Choosing the right sport to suit your interests is an important part of the process, especially since continual involvement in a sport requires motivation. Find the sport you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle and you will find it easier to keep going when you hit your first few challenges.

Coming up against new challenges is part and parcel of participating in sport so it is a good idea to select your activity wisely. However, do not go all out and buy yourself the latest kit for a specific sport if you have not tried this sport and a few others out first.

To start with have a good think about what your strengths are, both in terms of sport and in terms of your day to day life. Whilst considering your athletic skills, for instance, whether you have good speed and co-ordination you should also think about whether you enjoy doing things on your own or in groups.…

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Aston Villa

Aston Villa has been on a steady rise for the past few years under Marin O’Neill, but it will be a challenge to keep up that trend during the 2009-10 season. The Irishman has helped Aston Villa finish 6th the past two years, but unless a surprise transfer move comes soon, it seems they might be destined for a fall in the standings this year. You can see Aston Villa live football matches and find out just how well they match up this year by signing up right here on OleOleFootball, your home for live English Premier League action.O’Neil is the first to admit that the team needs new players to compete. The only move they made came by way of the addition of Stewart Downing, but he won’t even be ready until December. The transfer of Gareth Barry to Manchester City and the retirement of Martin Laursen have left huge holes in the middle of the filed for Aston Villa. Pressure will be put on Nigel Reo-Coker and Steve Sidwell but neither of them possesses the talent and composure that Barry has.

After playing out last season with the fewest players in the EPL, the team is even lighter this year. Just one injury could send the team spiralling in the standings. There are positives though for the team as they might be able to bring in Sylvain Distin and have young up and comer Marc Albrighton looking like he is ready for the big time.

The other good news is that the team does have a few options up front with John Carew, Emile Heskey and Gabriel Agbonlahor leading the way. That is not to neglect the emergence of Ashley Young either.

It looks like Aston Villa has an outside chance to break the top 6 in the standins this year, but all the cards will have to fall in the right way. Can they overcome a short stacked roster or will injuries deplete the lineup even more? There is no better place to find out and watch Aston Villa live than OleOleFootball.…

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Last year in the English Premier League was a difficult and frustrating one for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal as they have come under constant scrutiny for not being able to win a trophy. This year they will be trying to turn the tides but will face even more pressure thanks to major improvements that have been made by other teams around them, such as Manchester City. A top 4 finish may be out of the cards for Arsenal unless everything goes right this year. Tune in and watch Arsenal live during the English Premier League 2009-10 season right here on OleOleFootball.

Arsenal and their manager sat tight this off season and did not give into the pressure to throw loads of money around. They are banking on the return of players such as Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo from injury and Wenger has also put a lot of faith into young studs such as Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey and Abou Diaby. However, this faith has not carried over to the fans as most Arsenal followers feel the team is not good enough right now without any more additions.

Hopes for this season of live Arsenal football will rest on a passing style game that compares to the one Barcelona uses, and should work will thanks to Nicklas Bendtner, Van Persie, Andrey Arshavin and of course Eduardo, if he returns to top form. The downside is that the two major players the team lost could have made this transition to a 4-5-1 formation much easier. Without Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor, Arsenal will be fighting an uphill battle.

While Arsenal fans are still excited for live English Premier League football, there is a lot of hope that Wenger will find a way to use the transfer money received from Manchester City to bolster the lineup, and soon. Will they make a move right as the transfer window closes? Or does Arsenal have enough to compete as it is? Find out the answer to these questions and more by signing up for live streaming football on OleOleFootball.…

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Football Online

Football online has fast become one of the most popular ways for millions of people to watch football and has come as no surprise once you experience the phenomenon for yourself. Rather than traveling to watch teams play or paying high fees to watch the game on television, watch football on your computer in your own time and place.

Football online here at Oleole takes out the high fees and travel expenses that would normally occur to watch live football, for example most satellite/cable providers will charge £30+ in order to gain access to live football and other sports as well as rival internet sites. However, at we guarantee high quality action as well as low prices to watch football and there are no hidden charges or extra fees added once you sign up for membership.

We bring you all the best football online from club competitions in Europe with the best of the domestic league action, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Scottish Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and much more all live online including the lower domestic leagues. On top of this you can watch all of the best from the domestic cups with both the F.A Cup and Carling Cup live as well as the Copa Del Rey and Scottish Cup.

With football online you can also follow your team in Europe or if you just enjoying watching top class football then you can follow both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup here at Your membership is not restricted to just club football with international football also live here at, including all the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and much more. Tens of Thousands tuned in with us as we produced high quality uninterrupted footage of the Euro 2008 championships and the World Cup in 2006 at times when terrestrial television couldn’t step up to the plate.

As well as all the major European leagues we also have live video footage of some of the lesser well known leagues and lower leagues including the English Championship, League 1 and 2, the Premier League reserve leagues, Bundesliga 2 and leagues from the likes of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and much much more.

It is surprisingly easy to gain access to football online here at and it will make you wonder why you didn’t try online football earlier!

There are no hidden costs or added charges after you sign up for membership and all the software you need to access our live football streams is available right here at Unlike the hassle of setting up satellite/cable for T.V on top of paying high fees for their service, all you need to access our video feeds is access to the internet and a computer. Even slower connections can use our programs to watch live football, although a faster broadband connection will allow a better quality of football!

Payment is processed through PayPal, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your …

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Premier League

The English premier League, also known as Barclay’s Premier League is the most awaited events among sports enthusiasts right now. Not only is this the country’s premier professional Live football event but it is watched the world over, with international footballers chipping in; the English Premier League has a diverse international audience.

Like in all other seasons, 2009 Live football for the English premier League will follow the same rules. The championship is to last from August of 2009 to May of 2010, translating to a year full of sporting mania. There’s a total of twenty clubs who participate in the championship, playing matches against each other, in all total thirty eight matches being played. Each Club therefore will play their particular opponent twice according to the home-and-away system. Every winning team will be awarded three points and no points for the losing team; in case of a draw each team receives one point each. At the end of the season, the team which will have the largest points will be the champion of the series. On the other hand, the bottom three clubs from the list of twenty at the end of the season are replaced and are to play for the Football League championship and the top three teams from that championship are to participate in the next season of the English Premier League.

The teams this year that have been promoted from the Football League Championship series of 2008-2009 to play in the Premier League this season are; Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and Burnley. The teams however this season to watch out for the ultimate in Live Football include biggies such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and others. If big names like Rooney and Michael Owen and others like Craig Bellamy aren’t good enough for you to catch the Premier League Live this season, watch it for the sheer adrenaline rush. So the third week of August, when the Premier League begins, get ready to catch every match and support your team. The lower rungs of matches usually start about a week earlier.

Fans around the world have already started to claim that this might just be the best season in its history; but you would just have to catch all the matches and then see for yourself. Manchester City is being predicted to create the largest Spur this season with the host of big football names that they have brought to their club. Hull City is another team to look forward to having upset the bigger clubs last season; this gives teams like Fulham quite the encouragement they need.

Monday 4th July 2011
International Friendly Matches Live: FC Kobenhavn v SK Sturm Graz, Maccabi Haifa v Dinamo Bucharest, Steaua Bucharest v Istanbul, Universitatea Cluj v Neftchi.
MLS Live: Colorado Rapids v Houston Dynamo

You can also actually now catch the Live Football Action without having to worry about perfect timing of the day or even a cable connection. With OleOleFootball you can catch Football …

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If anyone doubts the allure of the Premier League then all the need to do is look at the summer story involving Owen Coyle and his efforts when it comes to Burnley live football. The Burnley signing chose to stick in the EPL rather than join his childhood team Celtic and become boss. He is focused on continued the adventure at the Turf Moor and you can watch his progress as well as his team’s progress this year right here on OleOleFootball.

Coyle is paramount for the team’s success as they try and return that their return to the top division is not a short one. His penchant for fast football led the team on a remarkable run in the Carling Cup where they beat Arsenal, Fulham, and Chelsea. But what is the likelihood that the team can keep it up? Coyle hopes his five signings can allow the team to compete at the top level.

Steven Fletcher is the team’s most expensive signing ever at 3 million pounds and he will be relied upon to bring a bulk of the offense. James Beattie, Martin Paterson, Chris Eagles, Robbie Blake and Graham Alexander will have to be at their best to allow Burnley to finish in the top 17 this year, but it is possible. The team still only has 25 players but this actually makes it easier for Coyle to manage the team appropriately.

Burnley has always focused on developing young talent and they will not let the allure of live Premier League football affect the way they do business. The real question is whether Burnley and its players will be ready to push forward or just settle and be happy to be back in the English Premier League. OleOleFootball will have a ton of Burnley live football for viewing so that you can tune in and see every moment this season, and see which direction this team heads in.…

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Confederation Cup

This year’s Confederations Cup takes place in South Africa from 14th June until 28 June 2009. It is actually the eighth time that this tournament is being held in its various guises, but it is now firmly under the umbrella of FIFA, with the format, competitors and matches very much standardised.Confederations Cup

The very first incarnation of the tournament took place back in 1992 when Saudi Arabia organised an invitational event named the King Fahd Cup which included the Saudi national team and some of the continental champions. They followed this up with the second tournament in 1995 after which FIFA took over the organisation of it and renamed it the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1997.

Up until 2005, the tournament was held every two years, but from then it was decided to hold it every four years, in the year before the World Cup finals. This year’s contest in South Africa is the first one under this guise. It was also decided that the tournament will always take place in the country that will host the upcoming World Cup finals. The reasoning for this was simple – to give the country involved (and FIFA) the chance to check out the stadiums (half the World Cup stadiums will be used), the infrastructure and generally the organisation of the competition as a whole. Basically it is a dress rehearsal for the World Cup finals.

It also gives the host nation some much needed competitive fixtures in the lead up to the World Cup, as these hosts do not have to qualify and therefore only play friendlies for the two years leading up to the World Cup, while everyone else is battling to qualify.

The teams that participate in the tournament are the winners of FIFA’s six international continental competitions, namely CAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA, AFC, OFC and CONCACAF, as well as the FIFA World Cup winners and the host nation, which brings the total participants to eight.

Brazil will be taking part for the sixth time in this year’s competition, which will be the record. They had shared this honour with Mexico on five but the Mexicans are not involved this time round. Brazil have also won it twice, and along with France share top spot in tournament wins. Brazil managed to win in 1997 and the last tournament in 2005, France won in 2001 and 2003, while the other winners were Argentina in 1992, Mexico in 1999 and Denmark in 1995. A total of 26 national teams have taken part in the tournament since its inception.

This year’s tournament in South Africa is sure to be as, and if not more, exciting than any other previous Confederations Cup event and the home fans will be hoping that the host team will give a great showing, if not to win the tournament, then to give them some hope that their impending World Cup venture will be one to remember for a very long time.…

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