How to Turn Your Free Sports Bet Into Cash

Usually you are required to place a bet before you are given a free bet. A typical scenario is that you must bet £25 (at stated minimum odds) before your free bet of £25 is activated. The key to this system is to access that free bet without risking £25 in the first place.

How do you bet but not lose? Simple – you use a betting exchange website to cover all eventualities. For example, let’s say you bet on Liverpool to win a match against Arsenal. Now you can go to your betting exchange site and ‘lay’ that bet. This means you are betting on any other outcome – in other words, you have placed a single bet that covers Arsenal winning or the match ending in a draw. The important thing is to find a match (and this can be in any sport) where the ‘back’ odds are almost exactly the same as the ‘lay’ odds.

You will need to work in decimal odds rather than fractional ones for accuracy, but let’s imagine that the odds for Liverpool to beat Arsenal are 2.0 (which means evens or 1/1) while a betting exchange offers lay odds of, say, 2.1. If you bet on both you will definitely lose one bet but definitely win the other. In the majority of cases for these kinds of bets, you will suffer a small net loss, probably of about £2, depending on the difference in the odds in the game you bet on. But now you have access to the sport free bet which will in turn allow you to make real cash.

Simply repeat the process on a new sporting event with your free bet. Again, you will lose one bet and win the other, but because this time one of the bets is with free money, you will make a profit.
With a £25 free bet you should make around £20. This is totally free money.…

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Football Online

Football online has fast become one of the most popular ways for millions of people to watch football and has come as no surprise once you experience the phenomenon for yourself. Rather than traveling to watch teams play or paying high fees to watch the game on television, watch football on your computer in your own time and place.

Football online here at Oleole takes out the high fees and travel expenses that would normally occur to watch live football, for example most satellite/cable providers will charge £30+ in order to gain access to live football and other sports as well as rival internet sites. However, at we guarantee high quality action as well as low prices to watch football and there are no hidden charges or extra fees added once you sign up for membership.

We bring you all the best football online from club competitions in Europe with the best of the domestic league action, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Scottish Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and much more all live online including the lower domestic leagues. On top of this you can watch all of the best from the domestic cups with both the F.A Cup and Carling Cup live as well as the Copa Del Rey and Scottish Cup.

With football online you can also follow your team in Europe or if you just enjoying watching top class football then you can follow both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup here at Your membership is not restricted to just club football with international football also live here at, including all the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and much more. Tens of Thousands tuned in with us as we produced high quality uninterrupted footage of the Euro 2008 championships and the World Cup in 2006 at times when terrestrial television couldn’t step up to the plate.

As well as all the major European leagues we also have live video footage of some of the lesser well known leagues and lower leagues including the English Championship, League 1 and 2, the Premier League reserve leagues, Bundesliga 2 and leagues from the likes of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and much much more.

It is surprisingly easy to gain access to football online here at and it will make you wonder why you didn’t try online football earlier!

There are no hidden costs or added charges after you sign up for membership and all the software you need to access our live football streams is available right here at Unlike the hassle of setting up satellite/cable for T.V on top of paying high fees for their service, all you need to access our video feeds is access to the internet and a computer. Even slower connections can use our programs to watch live football, although a faster broadband connection will allow a better quality of football!

Payment is processed through PayPal, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your …

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2010 World Football challenge

Any way you look at it there are thousands of reasons to love football, the beautiful sport. From the pure excitement of the game, the intense energy in the stadium, the dazzling ability of the world’s best players, and the pure beauty with which the sport is played, there is no doubting why football is the most popular sport in the world. Aside from the pure thrill, football is loved by millions of people around the world because it is a 365 days a year sport. From the English Premier League to the World Cup 2010 to all the mini tournaments around the world, there is always something to fill the desire of even the most diehard fans. That is precisely why we here at have gone out of our way to broadcast live streaming football action from the 2010 World Football Challenge.

It seems that every year the most popular and powerful football teams from across the world are trying to broaden their horizons and expand their fan base. This is why Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Club American and Chelsea will be battling it out in an exciting round robin tournament that will take place in the United States of America. By tuning into the tournament right here at you will instantly get to see one of the most exhilarating teams in Mexico battle it out with three of the biggest football clubs in the entire world. There are millions of rabid supporters that drool at the opportunity to watch teams like Inter Milan, A.C Milan and Chelsea bring their skill to the football pitch. Thankfully, with you can get a front row seat to all the action, at a fraction of the cost and with no fear of television blackouts or lagging video. All you get is constant, exciting and live action from the 2010 World Football Challenge from the comfort of your very own home.

The derby match up between A.C Milan and Inter Milan will provide some of the most exhilarating football of the year and will be one of only a select few games that the two teams every play outside of Milan. The World Football Challenge is your opportunity to see some of the world’s best players battle it out in a thrilling, winner takes all, round robin tournament. gives you the opportunity to see the likes of Ronaldhino and Gennaro Gattuso from A.C Milan, John Terry from Chelsea, Julio Cesar and Javier Zanetti from Inter Milan and Pavel Pardo and Salvador Cabanas from Club America take to the field and play their hearts out.

A tournament such as the World Football Challenge does not come around that often, and thanks to you do not have to miss a minute of the live streaming football action. Simply sign up, log in, and get ready to be presented with some of the best football that the world has to offer.…

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