The Olympics

The Olympics, national sporting success and the thrill of live competition has brought many new faces to sporting arenas across the country. From athletics to football, racket games to horse riding, triathlons to hockeyway, there is a sport to suit anyone and everyone and with more opportunities than ever to participate now is the time to have a go.

Choosing the right sport to suit your interests is an important part of the process, especially since continual involvement in a sport requires motivation. Find the sport you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle and you will find it easier to keep going when you hit your first few challenges.

Coming up against new challenges is part and parcel of participating in sport so it is a good idea to select your activity wisely. However, do not go all out and buy yourself the latest kit for a specific sport if you have not tried this sport and a few others out first.

To start with have a good think about what your strengths are, both in terms of sport and in terms of your day to day life. Whilst considering your athletic skills, for instance, whether you have good speed and co-ordination you should also think about whether you enjoy doing things on your own or in groups.…

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