How to Turn Your Free Sports Bet Into Cash

Usually you are required to place a bet before you are given a free bet. A typical scenario is that you must bet £25 (at stated minimum odds) before your free bet of £25 is activated. The key to this system is to access that free bet without risking £25 in the first place.

How do you bet but not lose? Simple – you use a betting exchange website to cover all eventualities. For example, let’s say you bet on Liverpool to win a match against Arsenal. Now you can go to your betting exchange site and ‘lay’ that bet. This means you are betting on any other outcome – in other words, you have placed a single bet that covers Arsenal winning or the match ending in a draw. The important thing is to find a match (and this can be in any sport) where the ‘back’ odds are almost exactly the same as the ‘lay’ odds.

You will need to work in decimal odds rather than fractional ones for accuracy, but let’s imagine that the odds for Liverpool to beat Arsenal are 2.0 (which means evens or 1/1) while a betting exchange offers lay odds of, say, 2.1. If you bet on both you will definitely lose one bet but definitely win the other. In the majority of cases for these kinds of bets, you will suffer a small net loss, probably of about £2, depending on the difference in the odds in the game you bet on. But now you have access to the sport free bet which will in turn allow you to make real cash.

Simply repeat the process on a new sporting event with your free bet. Again, you will lose one bet and win the other, but because this time one of the bets is with free money, you will make a profit.
With a £25 free bet you should make around £20. This is totally free money.