Star studded and storied franchise Liverpool has gone 19 years without a league title, but many football experts are predicting that this year could be all about them. Expectations are high and not even the loss of star Xabi Alonso has dampened the hoped of Liverpool fans. It will definitely be an exciting season in the English Premier League and live Liverpool games are going to provide a lot of great football. You can watch Liverpool live by tuning in right here on OleOleFootball, your source for the best live online football.

While there are high hopes for the team Rafael Benitez was unable to do all the tinkering that he hoped to. He did acquire Glen Johnson and Alberto Aquilani but he wanted to do much more. The loss of Alonso undoes most of his work but the team still thinks they will be just fine without him. They will miss his play but it will be exciting to see how Benitez spends the money he received in the transfer.

The team needs to add a few players as their roster is short but the have the makings of an incredible team. They need to make a move to replace Sami Hyppia and find more support for Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard. There are rumblings that Benitez has close to 40 million pounds to spend and he may use it to attract David Silva or possibly Sylvain Distin. Either way, Johnson will be keen to provide support for Dirk Kuyt and it looks like Liverpool is one or two players away from possibly competing for the top spot in the Premier League.

Liverpool will undoubtedly bring their A game to the live English Premier League and will be competing at the top of the division. Whether they can claim the top spot and overcome the loss of Alonso remains to be seen. The best way to find out how Liverpool will play is by tuning into Liverpool live games right here on OleOleFootball.

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