Manchester City

It is obvious that Manchester City is one of the biggest stories this year and there are a lot of expectations following the team around. City stepped up this year and made a commitment to winning by going on one of the largest spending sprees that football fans have seen in quite some time. Will all the money they threw around help them climb to the top of the divison? Tune into Manchester City live games on OleOleFootball all season long to find out.

The team has not really started their whole team together so far in the pre season but they have been playing well. Manager Mark Hughes spent an incredible amount of money this year and brought in the likes of Carlos Tevez, Gareth Barry, Emmanuel Adebayor and Roque Santa Cruz to name a few. Many people wonder how all the stars will mesh together but everyone is excited to see this team take the field.

With all the big names joining the team there is still a lot of work for Manchester City to do in order to compete with the best teams in the English Premier League. All eyes will be on Tevez and Santa Cruz as fans are hoping that these prized players can bring them to the promise land. Gareth Barry will also play a central role in the midfield after proving his elite status with Aston Villa last year.

With Barry’s midfield play, Santa Cruz’ powerful strikes, Tevez’ lightning quick play and Adebayor’s attacking play the Citizens have all the tools to bring titles to the team. How the gel, mesh, and play together will have a big effect on the entire season. Can all the stars co-exist and play together? Or is this just money thrown around without any thought? Find out by watching Manchester City live all season long on OleOleFootball.

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