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The English premier League, also known as Barclay’s Premier League is the most awaited events among sports enthusiasts right now. Not only is this the country’s premier professional Live football event but it is watched the world over, with international footballers chipping in; the English Premier League has a diverse international audience.

Like in all other seasons, 2009 Live football for the English premier League will follow the same rules. The championship is to last from August of 2009 to May of 2010, translating to a year full of sporting mania. There’s a total of twenty clubs who participate in the championship, playing matches against each other, in all total thirty eight matches being played. Each Club therefore will play their particular opponent twice according to the home-and-away system. Every winning team will be awarded three points and no points for the losing team; in case of a draw each team receives one point each. At the end of the season, the team which will have the largest points will be the champion of the series. On the other hand, the bottom three clubs from the list of twenty at the end of the season are replaced and are to play for the Football League championship and the top three teams from that championship are to participate in the next season of the English Premier League.

The teams this year that have been promoted from the Football League Championship series of 2008-2009 to play in the Premier League this season are; Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and Burnley. The teams however this season to watch out for the ultimate in Live Football include biggies such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and others. If big names like Rooney and Michael Owen and others like Craig Bellamy aren’t good enough for you to catch the Premier League Live this season, watch it for the sheer adrenaline rush. So the third week of August, when the Premier League begins, get ready to catch every match and support your team. The lower rungs of matches usually start about a week earlier.

Fans around the world have already started to claim that this might just be the best season in its history; but you would just have to catch all the matches and then see for yourself. Manchester City is being predicted to create the largest Spur this season with the host of big football names that they have brought to their club. Hull City is another team to look forward to having upset the bigger clubs last season; this gives teams like Fulham quite the encouragement they need.

Monday 4th July 2011
International Friendly Matches Live: FC Kobenhavn v SK Sturm Graz, Maccabi Haifa v Dinamo Bucharest, Steaua Bucharest v Istanbul, Universitatea Cluj v Neftchi.
MLS Live: Colorado Rapids v Houston Dynamo

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Come here to watch the English Premier League live. The EPL was formed in 1992/93 and is generally considered one of the most exciting leagues to watch; should you get a chance to watch a live football game, you should definitely do so. While it can often be expensive to watch the EPL live on television, there are plenty of websites on the Internet that offer live football streaming. The English Premier League has four teams capable of challenging for the title- Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool . The Red Devils won it last year breaking the dominance of Chelsea, who had picked up the trophy for the two years before that.

This year we have seen quite a few surprises in the Premier League. Last season’s Manchester United, who blitzed many teams with their offensive power added more players in the summer to increase their squad depth. Carlos Tevez, Nani and Anderson came in, as well as defensive midfielder Owen Hargreaves. The arrival of those players meant that many though United would easily win it again, however the opposite was true as they stuttered when the EPL began, winning none of their first three games.

This year also saw the arrival of Liverpool as potential title winners- they have not won the league for seventeen years and are eager to repeat the glory days of old. ‘Pool brought in many players in the summer, including the talented Fernando Torres- one tipped for great things in Spain. Chelsea cut back on their spending, however still brought in a few players for free as well as World Cup finalist Florent Malouda. They have started the season in turmoil, with a few bad results as well as the departure of enigmatic manager Jose Mourinho. Arsenal have arguably been the surprise team this year, gunning their way into top place even after losing star striker Thierry Henry in the summer to Barcelona.

This Premier League live season has started off with the drama and excitement of those in past years, although this one may be even better. In the past, one or two teams challenged for the title; this year we could see up to four teams do it. We’ve also seen a host of goals- some of them coming in one sided drubbings like Arsenal and Liverpool dished out to Derby County; others coming in thrilling matches like Portsmouth ‘s 7-4 victory over Reading and Tottenham’s 4-4 draw with Aston Villa. With the amount of takeovers happening and money coming into the Premier League, there are plenty of good players being purchased, and this improves the quality of the league as a whole.

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